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Please kindly fill in all the fields below with your full name and full postal address, I require this information only to validate your credit or debit card to ensure against fraud. If you don't supply the correct information which matches that which is on your cards statement, your application will be rejected I'm sorry. As you will see from the url above all the details are conducted via my own secure server so your transaction is totally safe, I don't deal with third party processing companies, everything is processed by me personally using my own merchant banking terminal, so no other person other than me will see them. I can also assure you that the details provided will not be passed to any third party and you will not receive any postal correspondence whatsoever from me or anyone else, unless you have signed up for the 'Off-line' membership option. (If you wish the pack to be sent to an address other than your own please let me know by email separately) This is a one off transaction and is not re-occuring as I do not auto re-bill.



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Please enter your credit or debit card details below, to ensure against fraud or your card being mis-used I am not providing immediate access to my site. Your card will be checked and validated against your address using the latest address verification system by me personally and your membership will be confirmed by return of email from me, you will then be able to access the members area of my site, via the members login page. It is a condition of my Private Members Club that I can cancel/revoke anyone's membership without notice if its found that it has been misused in any way, without refund. Your card will be debited under my company name of 'KMC', so Kathy West will not appear on your statement.

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My Standard Three month membership : £39.99

My Standard Six month membership : £75.99

My Standard Nine month membership : £111.99

My Standard Twelve month membership : £147.99


My Standard Three month membership 'Renewal': £36.00

My Standard Six month membership 'Renewal': £72.00

My Standard Nine month membership 'Renewal': £108.00

My Standard Twelve month membership 'Renewal': £144.00


My 'Off-line' Fan Club Twelve month membership: £49.00

All my credit card transactions are processed personally by me under my business name of KMC (Kathy's Members Club) via my own Merchant Banking Facility terminal, and not through any third party companies, to ensure secure safe transactions at all times.

Discretion is assured at all times I promise.

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